Weekly Schedule

Classes are running on Saturday mornings from 10.30am to 12pm at the Drumoak Church Hall in Drumoak in 6 week blocks as follows:

Block 1 Saturday, 10.30am-12pm 5 weeks 14th Mar to 11th April 2o20
Block 2 Saturday, 10.30am-12pm 6 weeks 9th May to 13th June 2020
Block 3 Saturday, 10.30am-12pm 6 weeks 20th June to 25th July 2020

Block 1 has been shortened to 5 weeks and it’s proposed to start on Sat, 14th March. A few people have signed up, but really need minimum of 6 people for the block to go ahead please. Plus it’s a nicer atmosphere when there are a few more bodies and hearts in the room.

Block 1 will therefore cost £45 and £40 respectively.

6 week block is £54 and £48 for concessions (retired/unemployed/students). This equates to £9 and £8 per class respectively. Drop ins are welcome, but please ideally provide 10 hours notice via email. Drop ins are £12.

For blocks to go ahead, a minimum of 6 people need to commit and pay for a block in advance.


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