Private Tuition

I offer one to one sessions (or small group sessions which you may wish to share with friends/family) which are a great way to learn many of the fundamentals of the Primary Series yoga postures either in the comfort of your own home or at the Pilates Hut in Banchory (at select times), so please contact me if this is of interest to you. Pricing for the private classes as well as the times available can be found here.


Having fun is compulsory :). Please don’t think that yoga is just about your ability to do the postures. It really isn’t. It’s about breaking down the impossible, removing fears (I’m still working on mine) and trusting in the process, whilst being careful and RESPECTING your body and working within your own comfort range (and sometimes going beyond it) to get the space and strength in your body that may be missing. I will never ask you to do a posture that isn’t safe or appropriate for you and I will observe your body and range of motion first by doing a few simple beginners postures.


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