I have been attending Ivana’s Tuesday evening class for over a year now. I joined as a complete beginner – middle -aged and rather stiff and a little sceptical that I would enjoy it. Ivana’s passion and enthusiasm for yoga is very infectious and has shone through from the very start. She has a very calm, patient and encouraging approach but is strict enough to make you maintain your focus and push yourself a little further every week. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow but if she sees you struggling she is good at adapting postures to suit your own strengths and weaknesses. I also very much enjoy when we touch on the more spiritual and meditative aspects of yoga. Ivana’s voice is so soothing and relaxing and she has taught me so much about accepting myself as who I am. I leave the class every week with a few aches and pains but happy to have achieved a very comprehensive physical workout and some inner peace and contentment.

SD, Durris

I just attended Ivana’s weekend workshop and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to learn/refresh the fundamentals of Ashtanga Vinyasa.

When I heard about Ivana’s workshop through a friend, I got really excited, because it seemed the right opportunity for me to get a more targeted introduction to yoga. I had been to yoga classes a couple of times and practiced yoga infrequently at home based on a book or video, but I was not really sure I was doing things correctly, and I had problems using the right breathing technique.

The workshop was definitely ideal for me. Ivana is very passionate about yoga, incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring. She is very attentive to everyone in the class, very patient when it comes to correcting bad habits, and effective at explaining the correct alignments. The first thing I realised was that I had been doing a lot of poses incorrectly. Unsurprisingly, the first day of the workshop ended for me with incredible muscle ache. Thanks to Ivana, I am now much more confident in my poses and I hope that I’ll be able to keep up the practice!

KP, Aberdeen

My daughter and I attended a beginners workshop recently, and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about starting yoga, or getting back to it after a break.

Ivana teaches in a thoughtful, gentle and enthusiastic way, making sure that we knew how to get into the postures safely, never pushing beyond our limits but definitely encouraging us to work with our bodies to the best of our abilities. I have problems with my wrists, and Ivana took considerable time and trouble to find alternative positions which I could do.

The workshop also covers some of the history and spiritual aspects of yoga, which helped put the postures into context and made us understand what we were hoping to achieve.

The sessions end with a time of meditation and then relaxation. We left the workshops feeling much better than when we went in – yes our muscles were tired in good way, but overall the feeling was one of well-being, of confidence in our potential, and an enthusiasm to learn more.

So thank you for sharing your knowledge, and for your inspiration Ivana, namaste.

AT, Tornaveen
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