Blooming in May Retreat

Body, Mind & Soul Retreat

with Ivana & Adrijana

Thurs, 2nd to Sun, 5th May 2019

Elsick House, Aberdeenshire

May is the time when many of the world’s most beautiful flowers start to bloom – just think of the purple hills full of hardy Scottish heather, delicate pastel coloured peonies and gorgeous blue irises synonymous with wisdom and courage.

As these flowers come to bloom, it’s a gentle reminder to us that the Winter is truly behind us and it’s time to get ready for the Summer.


is an invitation to take 4 days out of your busy schedule

and enjoy a wonderful, energising, nurturing and relaxing retreat which will

rejuvenate your body, mind and soul and make you feel like new again.

   The beautiful Elsick House Estate, surrounded by 150 acres of beautiful gardens and parkland, is a perfect place for reflection, planning, plotting and dreaming for the year ahead and beyond.

It’s an invitation to find the stillness within and allow your mind to take a short break from the daily activities and challenges of everyday living.

It’s a  time where you can leave the cooking to someone else and truly rest, sleep and indeed do anything which fills your heart with joy (all the retreat activities are optional).

It is an opportunity to feel like you’ve been on a 10 day holiday, but actually you’ve just taken 4 days out for yourself.


Sounds great. Tell me more; how will I spend my time during the retreat?

The retreat will compromise of yoga classes and workshops (based on Ashtanga yoga), guided meditation sessions, massages, group discussion/reflection time and lots of eating, resting, sleeping and indeed doing anything which fills your heart with joy.

Who is this retreat suitable for?

For men and women, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons…come together or indulge on your own (this is a mixed sex retreat and men are more than welcome). Yoga is for everyone.

What does the retreat include exactly?

3 x nights’ accommodation

8 x freshly made plant based meals (3 x breakfasts, 3 x dinners, 2 x lunches) by Liberty Kitchen

Snacks and drink

4 x yoga classes

2 x yoga workshops (we will get into those tight hips, shoulders, hamstrings)

Daily meditation sessions (up to 2 per day)

Massages for everyone (optional)

Discussion/reflection sessions

I’ve never been on a retreat before. Can I come on my own?

No problem. You may wish to come on your own or bring someone with you. The retreat is intended for men and women, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons…come together or indulge on your own. Yoga, meditation, time out/self-reflection is for everyone. It’s often not until we press PAUSE that we realise how much we’ve neglected ourselves or one another. P.S. Retreats are not just for women and we will do our utmost to make sure you have an amazing experience.

Do I need to be an experienced yoga practitioner?

No. Whilst the yoga classes and workshops will be based on the Ashtanga Yoga method (please browse the site to learn more about this type of yoga if you wish), all levels of yoga practitioners are welcome.

There will be a set sequence of postures we will follow, however you can miss out any postures not suitable to you. If you have injuries, we will work around those.  If you can breathe, you can do yoga, so there is something suitable for all.

Will my physical yoga practice improve?

It is very likely that your practice will improve over the 4 days you spend with us. You will have the opportunity to be guided and adjusted in yoga postures during the yoga classes and workshops. The adjustments which happen not only through words, but by touch, will give you the chance to become more comfortable and confident in your yoga practice and prevent injuries.

Do I need to be an experienced meditator?

No, it really doesn’t matter as the meditation sessions will be guided. You will get the chance to learn more about the numerous benefits of meditation and explore if this is something you would like to incorporate into your daily life.

Meditation, for many, can be life changing!

Do I have to partake in the retreat activities? What if I just want to come along and relax?

Of course. All the retreat activities e.g. yoga, meditation and/or group discussions/reflections are optional. It is YOUR retreat and we’d be honoured to hold a space for you to find some time for you.

What should I bring in terms of clothing and yoga kit?

We’re hoping that the weather will be bright and sunny, but if not, then please pack according to the weather forecast and your own comfort.

When practising yoga, wearing fitted bottoms (leggings/shorts) and tops (short sleeved or vest tops) to prevent clothing riding up is advisable, but it is entirely up to you. We practice in bare feet. Please bring your own yoga mat. A blanket (and/or socks too) for relaxation at the end of yoga class is also recommended. Small face towel is also handy as you may get a little sweaty during the yoga practice.

What are the rooms and the house like?

The rooms are tastefully decorated, bright and airy, each with their own view of spectacular gardens; the beds are comfy and the public rooms elegant and charming, adorned with interesting pictures and paintings.

If you happen to have a passion for Downtown Abbey or other period dramas or secretly would like to pretend to be the Duchess or a Duke for a day or two or then go ahead and indulge, we won’t tell anyone. Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth II have been guests at Elsick House.

There is a choice of accommodation available (there are 5 x twin rooms, 2 x singles and 2 x doubles). Maximum capacity is for 16 people (this includes sharing of rooms and some of the bathrooms).

What else can I expect during the retreat?

If you’d like to explore how yoga and meditation practices bring our thoughts and emotions to the surface, we will organise sessions where we touch on our inner states and what impact they have in how we show up in the world and indeed on our yoga mat. We’d like for you to not only feel more physically and mentally strong after the retreat, but also more emotionally grounded and self-assured.

When does the retreat start and end?

You will be able to arrive for the at Elsick House from Thursday, 2nd May from 2 to 5pm which will allow you time to settle into your room. The retreat will end on Sunday, 5th May by 12pm. You can arrive for the retreat on Thursday evening after work too.


Elsick House is located just 8 miles from Aberdeen and it can be your home away from home for a few days. You deserve it. The exact location of Elsick House can be found here.

Your Retreat Hosts

Adrijana is an experienced and fully trained massage therapist, Reiki and mediation practitioner who is passionate about self-development and metaphysics. She has led retreats before in the USA and Spain.

Ivana is passionate about yoga, heart-mind connection, meditation, health and well-being. She is a registered yoga teacher and practices and teaches the Ashtanga yoga method, as well as other types of yoga exercises tailored to the individual.

Both of the women hail from former Yugoslavia and have known one another for 20+ years. They have recently reconnected upon Adrijana’s return to Aberdeenshire, Scotland and are excited to be hosting this first retreat together by bringing their respective experiences together to offer a truly unique experience.

Our intention for the retreat

We would like to guide and inspire you to make this time whatever it needs to be for you. If you would like to just eat, sleep and take walks every day, that’s fine. If you want to further your yoga and meditation practice, you can do that too.

This sounds fab and exactly what I am looking for! How do I sign up?

We initially require a 25%* deposit to secure the venue and the services of our chef Nikki from Liberty Kitchen. The remainder  of the balance is then due 4 weeks prior to the retreat.


Room options Early Bird Discount price 25% deposit by 6th March 75% balance remaining 3 April
Double (shared bath) £490.00 £122.50 £367.50
Single (shared bath) £480.00 £120.00 £360.00
Twin Ensuite (shared) £460.00 £115.00 £345.00
Twin (shared bath) £399.00 £99.75 £299.25
Room options Actual price 25% deposit  by 6th March 75% balance remaining 3 April
Double (shared bath) £539.00 £134.75 £404.25
Single (shared bath) £528.00 £132.00 £396.00
Twin Ensuite (shared) £506.00 £126.50 £379.50
Twin (shared bath) £438.90 £109.73 £329.18

* Deposit secures your place on the retreat and is non-refundable.

Where can I pay the deposit/full retreat price?

Real Soul Yoga

Acc no: 48737429

Sort code: 60-00-01

I have further questions about the retreat?

No problem. Please feel free to contact Adrijana or I and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Questions around the mediation practices, massages, as well as the more practical matters e.g. room options, food choice, etc. are best directed to Adrijana ( 07578 247 903). If you’d like to find out more about the yoga classes/workshops, please contact Ivana at

Sharing is caring

We’d love for this retreat to not only benefit you, but also contribute to people who are in need so a % of the profits will go to a good cause. We are still thinking about who to support (there are too many causes we care about!). Please feel free to make suggestions also :).

Free retreat space 

One space will be offered to a man or a woman who is going through any sort of hardship and is financially constrained. For anyone who would like to apply for a free space (or nominate someone), please email with a short description of current circumstances (any details shared will be treated in strictest confidence).  All entries to be submitted by Sunday, 21st April.


There are still twin rooms available on the retreat, so you’re not too late to book a space for yourself or to come along with someone. Please note if you are booking a space on your own, you may need to share a room with someone you’ve not met. Hope that’s ok for you.

We hope you can join us.

Love Ivana & Adrijana

“Hard work is not the path to well-being. Feeling good is the path to well being”

Esther and Jerry Hicks

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